Terry Persun — Episode 74 — The Whole World is a Party

February 9, 2017

This week we are excited to bring you another amazing Blondie and the Brit podcast winner. Terry Persun was a recipient of one of our two best overall podcast awards for everything he brought to the show. So much here, including his amazing book knowledge, helpful writing process, and great sense of humor. Stroll down memory lane with us as we revisit his in depth interview about writing across different genres, his inspiration practices of meditation and poetry to help free up his mind for the writing process, and how to have deeper conversations on social media, plus so much more.


Vaun Murphrey — Episode 73 — Inspired Storytelling

February 2, 2017

This week we were excited to talk with Vaun Murphrey, an amazing author who is the recipient of our Most Inspired Storytelling Podcast award.  Vaun details her recent book launch of The Blood Key and some of the strategies she used for this and previous launches including using Net Galley for reivews. Other selling strategies she uses are selling books at Comic Con events, submiting short stories for awards, and attending conferences. Don't miss Vaun's other interview last year and her foray into last weeks Blooper Reel. 


Blooper Reel — Episode 72 — Blondie and the Brit Bloopers

January 26, 2017

We are taking a break from our usual podcast format to bring you our one and only Blopper Show! Ever wonder what is left on the cutting room floor when we air a podcast? Here is a peek at some of our goofier moments. Join us and our amazing guests, Vaun Murphrey, Jody Smyers, Mark Sadler, Nicole Waggoner, Barbara Sissel, Joey Pinkney, Gisela Haussmann, Thelma Adams, David Estes, Nicole Persun, Kerry Schafer, and Elie Alexander, as we go behind the scenes at Blondie and the Brit.


Melody Robinette — Episode 71 — Writing for Discovery

January 20, 2017

This week we chat with one of our Blondie and the Brit Podcast Award winners, Melody Robinette, who won the Most Helpful Writing Process award. Be sure and listen to the Pomodoro Method discussion that gave her the opportunity to receive this honor.

In this interview she updates us on the multiple books she is about to release. We then revisit the interview we aired last year with Melody, a talented millennial who writes in new adult fantasy genre. Melody is an Amazon Bestselling Author and gives us some great pointers on everything from how she achieved #1 status on Amazon, to navigating the writing tool Scrivener, to how she deals with rejection letters. 


Andrea Hurst — Episode 70 — Best of Blondie and the Brit — Journey Through the Publishing World

January 12, 2017

This week we revisit another great "Best of Blondie and the Brit" podcast. In this episode we re-introduce you to agent and published author Andrea Hurst. Andrea shares her 25 years of experience in the book industry covering topics such as her own personal journey of self-publishing and the differences between Indie versus traditional publishing. She also enlightened us about some of the best ways to approach a literary agent. Don't miss this informative podcast.


Deb Lund — Episode 69 — Best of Blondie and the Brit Creativity Unleashed

January 5, 2017

Join us on the Best of Blondie and the Brit to delve into the world of publishing Children’s literature. This week we are re-airing the wonderful interview with fiction writer Deb Lund. Deb talks about how she published her first children’s book plus creative ways to connect with a younger audience. She also introduces us to her fiction magic cards, a wonderful writing aid for authors.


Suzanne Kelman — Episode 68 — Best of Blondie and the Brit — Demystifying the Book Launch

December 30, 2016

This week we are excited to bring you the re-airing of the interview with Suzanne Kelman, our fabulous co-host of Blondie and the Brit. Suzanne takes us on her journey from self-published author to working with one of the largest up and coming publishing houses. As KJ turns the mike on her cohort we learn about Suzanne's successful book launch, how she became an Amazon international bestseller, to her unfolding experience with a new publishing company. 


Evan Marshall — Episode 67 — Best of Blondie and the Brit

December 22, 2016
  • This week we revisit an interview with Literary Agent and author, Evan Marshall in The Best of Blondie and the Brit. This is a great interview with the author of The Marshall Plan, a writing aid that our very own KJ Waters used in writing her first novel, Stealing Time. Evan provides great insight on how to approach agents and what they can bring to the table. This episode is definitely full of great insight for any writer. 

Luke Romyn — Episode 66 — Self Professed Pantser

December 15, 2016

Join us for part 2 of our entertaining interview with Luke Romyn, Amazon and USA Today best-selling Indie Author from Down Under. Luke continues to share with us his brave, and some might even claim reckless creative process. Luke confesses that his last few story lines terrified him. Trinity, recently released, is one Luke admits raised serious doubts about writing his way out. It is a psychological thriller that starts with his main character in an asylum with only memories of three murders. Self-taught photoshop maestro, Luke takes the same bold seat-of-your-pants "oh I'll figure it out" stance on his cover designs, that are as creative and powerful as the stories themselves. Like this one? Then give part 1 (Episode 47) a listen as well. 


Sharon Anderson — Episode 65 — Best of Blondie and the Brit

December 8, 2016

This week we bring you a Best of Blondie and the Brit episode that aired last year with author Sharon Anderson. She joins the program for an entertaining chat about her paranormal comedy books, her award-winning short story, and Thunderclap, a new away to promote your book. Join the fun with Blondie and the Brit.