Gisela Hausmann — Episode 49 — The Naked Truth About Book Reviews

August 18, 2016

You will not want to miss this great chat with Gisela Hausman who is a Amazon ecommerce expert, PR and communications coach, and a multi-award winning author. A native of Austria, Gisela is the author of The Naked Truth series and a top Amazon reviewer. We talk about the unadorned truth of the review process and how to win the heart of a reviewer. As a self-professed email evangelist she shares her best tips on crafting emails and newsletters to get the best out of out of all your communications. 


Melody Robinette — Episode 48 — Empowered Writer

August 11, 2016

Amazon best-selling author Melody Robinette joins us on the program where she shares what she's learned as a multi-genre author including her social media and Amazon strategies. Along her journey she has picked up several unique tools that helped her double the productivity of her writing time before she spends the day as an English teacher. 


Luke Romyn — Episode 47 — Paperback Bouncer

August 4, 2016
USA Today and Amazon bestselling author Luke Romyn joins us this week for a lighthearted and informative chat where he covers everything from his unusual writing process to how he faced tigers in Asia. A bouncer by night and a writing thunder from down under by day, Luke has an impressive 430,000 following on twitter with over a half million books sold worldwide. While Luke has us laughing the whole interview he also offers up great information for the book marketer with his easygoing affable charm. 


Terry Persun — Episode 46 — Doublesight into Kindle Worlds

July 28, 2016

This week on Blondie and the Brit we bring you Terry Persun and the second half of his podcast we aired in January. Terry is an award-winning Amazon bestselling author who writes multiple genres and teaches, among other things, an entire day course on Amazon at his writing conferences.

In this interview he shares with us his tips on becoming an Amazon best seller and how to best organize your book launch for success. He also introduces us to Kindle Worlds with his fantasy novel Doublesight. You definitely do not want to miss this episode. 


Nicole Waggoner — Episode 45 — Lunch with Five Imaginary Friends

July 21, 2016

Nicole Wagoner is our guest this week on Blondie and the Brit. Nicole is a teacher turned Indie writer and she shares with us her journey to writing her book called Center Ring, the first in the Circus of Woman Trilogy. It has been compared to Sex and the City with real-world problems. Nicole took on the difficult task of creating 5 view point characters and shares with us her process. She also talks about her social media presence, book launch, and how she organizes her blog tours.


Joey Pinkney Part 2 — Episode 44 — The Art and Craft of Writing

July 14, 2016

Join us this week on Blondie and the Brit as we present the second part of Joey Pinkney's interview. Joey continues to share with us all of his extraordinary gifts and talents including his award-winning author interview service and the story plotting method that he uses to write his short stories. Joey's charm and wit are on point for this interview.


Amy Quick Parrish — Episode 43 — Riding the Thunderbird Into Dust

July 7, 2016

Join on Blondie and Brit as we introduce you to award-winning filmmaker and author Amy Quick Parrish. Amy takes us on a fascinating journey behind the scenes of how she created, wrote, and filmed her own web series Into Dust. Inspired by her desire to create a Latino Superhero she has since gone on to creating her brand new book series based on the same character, The Thunderbird Chronicles. The first book in the series, Into Dust, has just been released. If you have ever wondered about adapting a book for the screen you don't want to miss this interview.


Kim Hunt Harris — Episode 42 — The Mystery of the Trailer Park Princess

June 30, 2016

Award-winning author Kim Hunt Harris is our guest this week talking about her comedic Trailer Park Princess mysteries. In this very entertaining interview, she covers everything from her experience pitching agents, meeting Diana Gabaldon in an elevator, to how she successfully works with Scrivener. Kim shares with us her unusual writing process of piecing her stories together and how she keeps her readership satisfied by bridging the gap between longer novels with short stories. Her latest novel releases on June 30, 2016. Be sure to check it out on Amazon.


Ellie Alexander — Episode 41 — Caught Bread Handed Writing a Cozy Mystery

June 23, 2016

Join us this week on Blondie and the Brit as we delve into a comedic mystery adventure with a culinary flair. Author Ellie Alexander leads us through her unique process of creating The Bakeshop Mysteries series that includes not only writing the story but creating the menu as a layer of the plot, Learn how she cultivates a unique book launch with elements of the story while bringing the community into the mix. Ellie shares some really clever book promoting ideas and a great antidote of how she once stood in for famed writer Lee Childs.


Kerry Schafer — Episode 40 — The Queen of Misfit Books

June 16, 2016

This week on Blondie and the Brit we bring you hybrid author Kerry Schafer. Kerry calls herself the Queen of Misfit Books and writes women's fiction, paranormal, fantasy, and mystery genres. She shares with us her experience using Kickstarter to self-publish one of her books and how another book was acquired by Lake Union Publishing. A highly entertaining interview covering a lot of aspects of the writing and publishing process.