Jesse Lakes from GeniusLink — Episode 86 — The Genius of Intelligent Book Links

March 10, 2018

This month on Blondie and the Brit we are pleased to introduce you to Jesse Lakes, one of the masterminds behind the company Genius Link ( Genius Link is an incredible online tool that provides intelligent links to help you to improve your sales by routing international readers to their local stores while helping you earn affiliate money and valuable insights in the process. They also own the link management service that is a simpler version of this concept but focused on authors, indie publishers, and Amazon.

This in-depth interview covers many of the elements of this fascinating tool that would be ideal for any authors toolkit. Jesse is also giving a wonderful gift to our listeners, offering a 30-day free trial (double the standard) to anyone who mentions "Blondie and the Brit." Just click here to begin your trial ( then use the messaging bubble inside the dashboard to mention the extended free trial.

Suzanne and I also give you our latest tips on planning and rewarding your accomplishments with a Victory Journal. 



Amy Vansant — Episode 85 — Do it for the Love

January 25, 2018
This month on Blondie and the Brit we are excited to introduce you to the work of Amy Vansant. Not only is Amy a USA Today Bestselling author but she also runs a highly successful book marketing company for authors. In this informative interview she will give you a rundown on her services including how to grow an email mail list with ease, partipate in a newsletter swap, and have your book included in her own line book fairs. Both KJ and Suzanne have used Amy's services with great success.
Amy will tells us about her latest multi author boxed set - The Twelve Sleys of Christmas which was just released with proceeds going to her favorite dog shelter. Don't miss this great interview, espically to learn all about her highly unusal book titles. Visit Amy at 

Author Round Table Podcast Part 2 — Episode 84— Kerry Schafer, Camille Di Maio, Amy Quick Parrish, Kim Hunt Harris, and Melody Robinette

August 26, 2017

Join us for part two of the Blondie and the Brit Author Round Table with seasoned authors Kerry Schafer (A.K.A. Kerry Ann King), Camille Di Maio, Amy Quick Parrish, Kim Hunt Harris, and Melody Robinette along with your hosts Suzanne Kelman and KJ Waters. 

What an inspiring episode with advice and suggestions as varied as the authors we've gathered from our group launch team. Guaranteed to light a fire under any author no matter what your state of mind. This episode we talk about what rituals we go through to prep for our writing sessions and we offer encouragement and inspiration for our author pals listening to the show. 


Author Round Table — Episode 83 — Kerry Schafer, Camille Di Maio, Amy Quick Parrish, Kim Hunt Harris, and Melody Robinette

August 17, 2017

Blondie and the Brit are excited to bring you an exclusive event – our Author Roundtable Podcast! This unique chat with seven incredible authors offers writing inspiration, sensational book marketing expertise, and insight into the fantasy vs. reality of becoming and author. This is part one of the hour-long chat with best-selling authors from both the traditionally published and indie communities.

Join Blondie (KJ Waters) and the Brit (Suzanne Kelman) who host an author chat with Kerry Schafer, Camille Di Maio, Amy Quick Parrish, Kim Hunt Harris, and Melody Robinette where we discuss writing woes and successes along with a unique approach at combining forces as a launch team for our newest releases.

Find more about these authors on our Facebook page here: Blondie and the Brit on Facebook


Kim Harris — Episode 82 — Knickers in a Twist

June 15, 2017

This week on Blondie and the Brit we welcome back our Podcast Award Winner Kim Hunt Harris. Kim won for her Best Fangirl Story with her story about meeting Diana Gabaldon from Outlander fame.

Kim writes humorous women fiction and is about to release her latest cozy mystery, Knickers in a Twist. In this interview, we discuss the highs and lows of writing comedy. Kim also shares with us some of her book marketing strategies, from email list building to newsletter management. Ever considered creating an audio book? Kim talks about her experience with that as well. Don't miss this fun but informative episode.

Kim is also part of our #SummerBookBlast Facebook party and Kinde Fire giveaway. Join us June 16th for a lot fun and great prizes here on Facebook. 


Martin Lastrapes — Episode 81 — Confessions of an Author

April 6, 2017

This week we are excited to bring you award-winning author Martin Lastrapes, a great friend to Blondie and the Brit and one of our Podcast Heroes. Martin brings to the show all the weight of his comedy and interviewing expertise from his own podcast, "The Martin Lastrapes Podcast Hour" (check it out here).

This is a fun upbeat interview that also has very poignant moments where Martin opens up about the struggles we all face on the writer's journey. Don't miss this open, funny, 'telling it like it is' interview with one of our favorite guests.


Susan Wingate — Episode 80 — Heroes, Clones, and Writing the Great American Thriller

March 23, 2017
This week we are excited to air a brand new interview with one of our podcast heroes, Amazon best-selling author Susan Wingate. A lot of laughter in this one as it is always a fun interview with Susan. We delve into her latest woman's thriller she is working on, and dream about clones helping us get everything done. She also gave us a behind the scenes of her ongoing success and how she uses google analytics and book awards to promote book sales. What your clone doing today?

Darynda Jones — Episode 79 — A Writer’s Journey to Traditionally Published

March 9, 2017

This week on Blondie and the Brit we head back in time to revisit our premier podcast interview with successful author Darynda Jones. We were fortunate to land our very first interview with Darynda who is a USA Today and New YorkTimes best-selling author. She shared her journey of how she was first discovered and also talks about her writing process. Darynda entertained us with a behind the scenes view of her characters in the Charlie Davidson Series. Regularly a traditionally published author, she also talks to about stepping out into the world of Indie publishing for the first time.


KJ Waters and Jody Smyers — Episode 78 — Blondie and the Book Cover

March 2, 2017

Ever wonder what makes a great book cover? This week we revisit a very informative podcast where we interview our very own KJ Waters and her business partner, Jody Smyers. Together they have a book cover business called Blondie's Custom Book Covers. In this episode we discuss Suzanne's first book cover, that KJ and Jody designed, as an example of what elements to consider when hiring someone to create a book cover for you. As the very first thing your readers will see, your cover is a crucial part of packaging your book. 


Jeri Walker — Episode 76 — Editor Extraordinaire

February 23, 2017

This week we are excited to re-air the interview with Blondie and Brit Podcast Award winner, Jeri Walker. Jeri is an outstanding editor and her skills include all elements of manuscript editing and profreading. We have both used her and love her work. She is a former English teacher who also runs a highly successful blog with writing tips called WordBank.

Jeri discusses how she made her blog so successful, and how she encourages people to comment on it. She also talks about her first novel, Lost Girl Road, and gives advice on how to choose an editor, and how she works with a style sheet. Don't miss this great episode.